Buy Ecologically Packaged New Age Music Wholesale

Buy beautiful, ethical and ecologically packaged wholesale new age music compact discs.

Beautiful and relaxing music packaged with stunning artwork that catches the eye. Ideal music for spas, our cd's are  great addition to your products.

Your customers will love the fact that these cds have been packaged in recycled materials approved by the FSC and that there is no plastic or toxic ink to be seen.
All the artwork has been printed using environmentally friendly and non toxic vegetable based inks.

We have sourced  the best and local environmentally friendly packaging available and people buying these relaxing music  cds  will not only be happy to know they are helping to protect the environment but the retailer will also be selling a unique product that stands out from the crowd..
Try this wonderful new age music female vocalist.

This is the wholesale website of The New Age Music Garden, a website dedicated to creating beautiful and relaxing  meditation music inspired by nature delivered to you in sustainable and toxic free packaging

CD Facts

  • 1/3 the weight of regular cd (save on   shipping to your customers)
  • Toxic free vegetable inks
  • Plastic Free
  • Glue Free
  • FSC approved (recycled Materials)
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Free cds when you order

We will give you two cd's with a retail value of up to £13.99 each when you order over 70 cd's.

Why You and Your Customers Will Love Our Compact Discs

1. All packaging is made from FSC approved card and is 100% recycled and 100% recycleable. Plastic free!
2. Unique packaging and stunning designs
3. All printing is done with chemical free non toxic  vegetable inks.
4. Beautiful relaxing music that can be used for spa, yoga, meditation relaxation and healing Inspired by nature and packaged in nature friendly materials.
5. Deliveries sent to you in 100% recycled FSC approved packaging.
6. Our commitment to sustainability and to providing beautifully packaged eco friendly music.
7. Weighs only a third the weight of a plastic jewel case cd costing half the price in shipping costs
A wonderful new age/classical version of Ave Maria Bach Gounod
Checkout this  guided meditation with new age music for chakra healing and goddess energy

listen to this amazing new age music and watch beautiful videos

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